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Welcome to the “In Transit” Website/Blog!  I’m glad you stopped by and I hope that as you transition into this new season of your life that you will allow this community to be not only a resource to you, but an encouragement as well.  You are important to the kingdom, important to your youth, and important to us.  God bless you on this journey!!  Please let us know how we can serve you during this time (and beyond).

This website is dedicated to giving you supplemental tools and discussion to the book:  some extra reading, more ideas on navigating youth ministry well while in transition, and giving you a place to collaborate with others who are either in the same place as you or have been.  My goal is to give us all a place to support, encourage, and equip one another.

Listed below are the pages we would invite you to visit.  In addition to the “In Transit” tools listed here, be sure to check out (and subscribe via RSS) to the Relational Youth Ministry blog also found from the home page at  We would love to have you in the discussion to navigate youth ministry better.

“In Transit” Pages:

Click HERE to check out a sample chapter from the book….

Click HERE for a short video interview describing the inspiration for the book, about the content of the book, and the hopes behind the project.

We would LOVE to hear your story!  Please join the Discussion Board Page and share with us and this community how your transition is going.

Transition Interviews:

Transition Interview with Jay Phalen: John “Jay” Phelan was appointed Senior Professor of Theological Studies in 2010, after serving for 14 years as President and Dean of North Park Theological Seminary. His previous positions include 2 years as Executive Director of Publications for the Evangelical Covenant Church, pastorates in Salina, Kansas and Coral Springs, Florida, and 6 years as the Dean of Students at NP.  As well as being an administrator and professor at a Seminary level, Jay majors in preparing pastors to go and serve well.  He is a trusted voice to pastors all over the world

Transition Interview with Rod Brenneman: Rod Brenneman is the President and CEO of Seaboard Foods.  Check out to learn more about the company.   Among his many responsibilities, Rod oversees the transition for employees into the company and has great wisdom to add to our conversation about transitioning into a new church well.  He brings an “outside the church” perspective that can be very helpful as you navigate a healthy and effective transition.

Transition Interview with Brian Peterson: Brian Peterson is a husband, father, coach, and is the Senior Vice President of Allianz Life Insurance Company.  As a leading provider of fixed index annuities, Allianz Life is part of Allianz SE, a global leader in the financial services industry with nearly 155,000 employees worldwide. Brian plays a significant part in the Allianz company and is responsible for the oversight of many employees and their transition into the company.

Click HERE for “In Transit” Endorsements from other youth workers.

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